Pushka Post on March 24, 2008 09:40AM


I did a complete revamp of my kitchen for $11,000 including new oven, all tiling, new cooktop, new oven, all electricals, all plumbing, granite benchtops and cupboards. I used CAA kitchens at Magill Road, Norwood, opposite the Maid and Magpie Hotel. They provided all the cupboards and benchtops, and installation, for $5500 (a large kitchen) and used my own plumber and electrician. CAA also have the name of someone who will do the removal of old cupboards.

HN and Bunnings quotes were for laminated benchtops, non glossy cupboards and were around $5000 more than CAA.

ahilios Post on Oct 02, 2007 1:18 am 


...just had our caa kitchen installed last week september 28th 2007.. It is a large G shape kitchen. Caa's said this was their largest kichen they have done so far. It cost us $7,300.00 Alby turner qouted us $28,000 and proform said $18,500 both with a laminated tops and no extras. A granite top was $10,000 more with alby and $7000 with proform.Caa has granite top included free which turned out really well. we were worried at first but its really nice. we got them to bullnose the sides which was a first for them and they did it perfectly. There is a language barrier but they understand well. We have a few cosmetic issues due to one wall not being square but Caa are ordering in a larger panel that will cover this gap. I also had to adjust some doors with my screwdriver but thats really easy to do. Caa are extremely cheap and you will save thousands not just hundreds of dollars and end up with an excellent kitchen the same as other companies. Another thing Caa offers is really cheap extras. The self close draws and pantry racks and corner racks are soooo cheap. We got the 2 racks for $300. The others wanted $2000. Also 7 self close draws were only $700. Very cheap compared to the others. One thing i will warn is that they will leave alot of cardboard behind and you will need to clean your kitchen/granite your self and install your appliances. They do cut the cook top and sink for you and leave it sitting in the granite but you will need to get your plumber/elctrician to install them. To summarise we highly recommded Caa kitchens but just keep an eye on them when they are installing it. We are getting them to do our laundry soon. p.s Caa looks so much better than kitezi and are cheaper too.